Too many coaches fail to get a return on their training investment because, whilst they may be great coaches, they have little or no business acumen.  This means that many practitioners fail to ever get their dream coaching/mentoring practice established.  

Our survey said these were the 7 keys obstacles to their success:

  1. Lack of confidence
  2. Lack of marketing skills
  3. Lack of selling skills
  4. Couldn’t establish themselves as coach
  5. Couldn’t break into their niche market
  6. They were too distracted with being ‘busy’
  7. Fear of failure

So, to bridge the gap between leaving coach training as a great coach full of aspirations of helping clients turn their lives around, we have come up with a complimentary, self-teach, 12 modular e-programme to raise your confidence and build your business acumen as follows:

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