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Why International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring is Proud to Support lendwithcare


Supporting lendwithcare fits our core values:

1) Integrity: We exercise moral and ethical principles in all our interactions

2) Excellence: We are committed to persistently pursuing excellence

3) Making a Difference: Through co-operation, we develop effective practices to make a positive difference

4) Contribution: Everything we do is grounded in the belief that our accreditation must be the highest possible standard and benefit everyone

5) Continuous Growth: We recognise our duty to meet and exceed customer’s individual needs and expectations. Through diligence, perseverance and learning we aim to become the best at what we do, and help our members do the same too. So the chance to support lendwithcare entrepreneurs is a perfect fit and in time, we look forward to becoming a valuable part of their community.


What is lendwithcare?

Lendwithcare.org is an innovative way to help people in developing countries transform their future. Set up by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, lendwithcare.org enables people to lend small sums of money directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them start or grow a small business.

Rather than receiving a one-off donation, the entrepreneurs pay the loan back to lenders, using the income from their growing business. And once repaid, lenders can choose to recycle that loan to support another entrepreneur, donate the money to CARE International UK or withdraw it.

Why lendwithcare?

At CARE International UK we are dedicated to helping poor people transform their own lives – with dignity. And we believe providing fair and affordable financial services is a crucial way to achieve this. Microfinance can help the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling whole communities out of poverty.

From just £15, lendwithcare lenders can play a direct part in this important work, as well as have the satisfaction of choosing who they would like to help and seeing their supported entrepreneur turn their business plan into a reality.



IAPC&M is the industry authority for accrediting coaches, mentors and coaching courses world-wide. They are the only IRCM (British Ombudsman) approved accrediting authority, providing end-users the trust needed to confidently work with members who have had their training, qualifications, experience vigorously authenticated and validated. Additionally, the IAPC&M offers both professionally accredited practitioners and the public a recourse if something goes wrong.

Join the IAPC&M in supporting lendwithcare by paying it forward

Lendwithcare – “Deborah Meaden: Business does and should add to community”

The initiative has seen more than £21 million lent to mainly female entrepreneurs in some of the poorest global communities since its 2011 launch. More than 52,000 lenders have taken part – the vast majority from the UK. Programme head Tracey Horner said much of the scheme’s growth had been driven by people giving the vouchers – a “refreshing antidote to the day’s rush to consume” – to their friends, family and colleagues.
Last Christmas more than 5,000 gift vouchers were gifted to the value of £140,000, which is on track to be surpassed this year. People can lend as little as £15 and browse online profiles detailing business plans to decide who they wish to support. Once the money has been repaid it can be either withdrawn or reinvested. Companies such as Heathrow Airport have been using the vouchers in the place of Secret Santa present swaps in some of their teams.