Solution Partners

Within the IAPC&M we recognize the importance of building strong relationships with Solution Partners who share our values and commitment to professional coaching and mentoring. Some of these partners provide services to our accredited members at discounted rates or as a special offer. Where this is the case, either a unique web-link will be available or there will be instructions on how to contact them.

Where a discounted rate or special offer may not be available, we provide a signposting service that our members may be interested in exploring further.

In the accredited area, Solution Partners have been grouped into different categories for ease of identification and access. As some providers cover several areas, it is advisable to review all the sections to ensure that you do not miss anything of value.

The IAPC&M is committed to providing the best benefits for our members. Consequently, the range of solutions will continue to grow and evolve for the benefit of everyone.

To access our Solution Partners page, log in to the accredited area (for accredited members only) –

Our Solution Partners include, but is not limited to:

Through accreditation, we build trust and confidence in the coaching and mentoring profession for the benefit of everyone.