It’s no secret, the coaching industry is well and truly on the rise… But did you know, it’s the second fastest industry in the US behind IT?

This means more people than ever need coaches!

However, the coaching world is an unregulated market. One thing we’ve noticed, and one of the reasons IAPC&M was founded in the first place, is that as more and more people are becoming coaches and mentors, standards are slipping in the industry. 

We are here to raise the standards in the industry!

We are doing this by ensuring everyone has access to the high-quality training and accreditation required to be a skilled and effective coach and make a positive impact on our client’s lives. 

We know you’re here because you share these same values and want to be the best of the best in your industry. 

At IAPC&M, we are passionate about raising the standards in the industry, and of course, in doing so, making sure you have the training and support you need to thrive as a coach or mentor. 

🎉 That’s why we’ve created International Coaching Week for you! 🎉

We’ve brought together 20 expert speakers in the world of coaching from around the globe for a week-long virtual event.

These speakers are coaching pioneers and internationally recognised entrepreneurs. Our speakers will share their practical tools, tips and inspiration to help you lay the foundations of your dream business 🥳

They’ll share their own business success stories, learning lessons, how they created their brand and reputation, and what strategies have served them best.

As well as the speaker masterclasses, all speakers are also providing highly valuable trainings and resources as a gift to all attendees (values between $20-$100).

It’s open to all and completely FREE! This event is complimentary to everyone; you do NOT have to be a member of the IAPC&M to join us!

Save the date for your diary: 13th- 17th May 2024.

You will not want to miss this!