Do you know what is the *one single & simple thing* you can do to make more money in 2019?

You Can –  MOMMY

I’m talking about: Making… More… Offers!

That’s it, really! No super-secret special powers required.

(M)ore (O)ffers = (M)ore (M)oney for (Y)ou  =  ( MOMMY)

Over the last 3 months, I’ve gotten an “Inception” like insight into the minds of many of our business coaching clients.

Here are the most common problems I see many of them facing:

* Not a big enough audience, list or customers

* Not willing to make offers

* Not sure how to make more offers without burning the list

* Not enough time, too distracted, unfocused

* Not enough ideas (or worse, too many ideas)

* Not sure how to create a winning offer

* Not sure how to price it

* Not sure how to put it all together

But it doesn’t matter what stage of your business you are in – you can start right now where you are and start achieving success.

The formula is relatively simple

*** Creating vs. Promoting ***

First You have  to create value, package it, and sell it – for actual money.

Most of us are really good at creating content, but we struggle at monetizing it: Getting one-time buyers, recurring-subscription members, coaching clients, customers…Etc

You could easily waste all of 2019 following the wrong “gurus”, buying the wrong courses, spending on the wrong services, trying to wing it by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and crowd-sourcing free advice in Facebook groups.

Look back at how long you’ve been doing this, and you’ll know if you have gotten the results you had hoped for, in return for all the time, money and effort you’ve put in.

If you haven’t, then you just can’t afford to let yet another year slip by.

Remember, Emerson said-  “Do the Thing and You Shall Have Power”   so the secret is to actually start doing

  1. Create a product or service right now ( you probably already have a great product or service)
  2. Package it i.e. Create a good clear motivating description of it- making sure to highlight the benefits and the problems it solves.
  3. Market It-  i.e. create some simple flyers, PDFs, social media posts Etc describing the product or service and get it out to the world as quickly as possible
  4. make sure there is a simple easy way for your potential customers to buy or order your product or service-online payment et cetera PayPal et cetera
  5. Create a number of different offers around this product or service- there are so many different types of offer-here is just a tiny example
  1. reduction in price-for a limited time
  2. extra benefits added- more coaching, more webinars !!
  3. 2 for 1
  4. extended methods of payment

Come up with at least 4 completely different offers for the same product or service and market each one a number of times over a one-month period then the next offer then the next offer- and so on.

As coaches you have an incredible service to offer the world you should not be embarrassed or shy about telling the world  who  are and what you can do and the benefits to be had from working with you