Leon Taylor is now a motivational speaker, author and executive coach (awaiting IAPC&M Accredited Practitioner Coach status), who has written the foreword for our co-authored book How to Win & Keep Clients.

He is an experienced speaker to a variety of audiences from business leaders to school children. His inspiring and entertaining messages have been enjoyed by thousands of people.

“High performance has an underpinning structure that can be applied anywhere,” says Leon who has been coaching executives across a variety of sectors since 2014 building on over 15 years’ experience of mentoring Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Leon is also co-founder of both The Life Event, an international two-day high-performance coaching workshop, and Anti-Defensive, an innovative coaching model and coach training program.  Leon’s approach to 1-1 coaching is informed by a unique combination of physical movement and mental wellness practices. The outcome is the development of “sticky”, sustainable habits. This mindset formed the basis for his popular TEDx Talk How to Manage Your Mental Health”.

Dawn Campbell, Sales & Marketing Director said, “I highly recommend How to Win & Keep Clients to every coach, mentor or business person who is interested in mirroring success by learning more about how to effectively strategise a win-win relationship with their clients,”  and she thanks Leon for his enthusiastic support and contribution.

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