Establishing a strong presence in business demands dedication and effort. Many solopreneurs are also introverts so certain tasks can feel draining or undesirable. A common question around visibility strategy is what to do specifically to get your business seen, such as blogging, videos, Facebook Lives, telesummits, podcasts, guest interviews, guest blogging, and more.

Understanding the source of your reluctance is key. Video content often triggers the most apprehension in clients. There are methods to address and manage fear if fear is the problem. If it’s that you don’t enjoy the video process, then pursue viable alternative strategies. Delve deeper into your resistance. You have to be honest with yourself about the key issues.

What are the fears?

For some, being on camera is not an issue for people. However, let’s consider the videos themselves.

Is there a fear that they must be flawless? There is no need for perfection. In fact, people are more likely to relate to you if you are committed to showcasing authenticity over polished videos.

Is it a matter of content? It’s unlikely that you don’t have enough content. You may need to put systems in place to organise it so that you know what you have and can use. We often try to overshare, and this overwhelms people.

Other fears might be what to say, how to use the technology, and fear of judgement.

Choose 1-2 Strategies

There are so many ways to be visible. Decide 1-2 ways that work for you, then build from there. If you’re not planning to use a lot of social media, then you need to define what other methods of marketing you will do, e.g. affiliates and referrals, networking meetings, live events, speaking gigs etc.

Let go of any self-imposed expectations and choose to get your business noticed. If you’re struggling, book a session with a coach/mentor to help clear fear and self-doubt and create a visibility strategy for your business. One that feels in alignment with your goals.

The most important piece of the puzzle is to note where your clients are coming from and repeat the strategy that works.

Do a Review

When you find yourself grappling with visibility challenges, consider these questions:

1. How effective is your current strategy? Is it your primary method of client acquisition? If so, explore alternative approaches or adjust your delivery to make it more enjoyable. For instance, if video production is painstaking due to perfectionism, consider adopting a more spontaneous approach with Facebook Lives.

2. Is fear a factor? Delve into this. Identifying and addressing fear can have a positive ripple effect across various aspects of your business. If, for example, video content is the source of apprehension, pinpoint the specific aspects causing unease. Is it that your lighting doesn’t work? What about your content?

3. Are you diversifying your visibility efforts to ensure prospective clients can find your business? Conduct a self-assessment to gauge the extent of your visibility. This isn’t about making excuses but rather a pragmatic evaluation of your outreach efforts.

Set aside a few moments this week to reflect on your business. Identify which aspects of visibility resonate with you, and then address the following three questions for a comprehensive assessment:

1. How effective is this strategy for you?

2. Is fear a factor?

3. Are you diversifying your visibility efforts?

Embracing this approach can be profoundly liberating. No more guilt, no more pressure. Create a plan and stick with it!

Meet Ruby McGuireBusiness & Mindset Queen| Master Coach | Mentor |Trainer | Speaker | Author – MCIPD, AMC, NLP Coach & Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Mind Your Mind Practitioner.

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