“When I developed the male youth at risk mentoring programme for the BACK2LIFE Foundation some five years ago, I hoped at some point to find an independent accreditation body that would offer a seal of approval for my course; a body that could satisfy course participants that the components of my course, as well as my skills at delivering them, meets certain core standards. Not only does the IAPC&M do all of those things and so much more, they also provide an avenue for mentors trained by me to work towards their own international accreditation status as they develop their careers as professional mentors. Now that’s what I call win-win-win”!

Lorna Phillips, LL.B., LL.M., AMC

Attorney-at-law, Accredited Master Coach, Author, Certified Nuero Linguistics Practitioner and founder of the accredited Level 4 mentoring programme at BACK2LIFE Foundation – www.back2lifefoundationja.com