Barbara Morrissey: “The big takeaway for me it to think about training this fitness just like we train for physical fitness”


Linda Wheatley: “Thank you so much. Really interesting and informative”.


Julie Brewster : “Excellent – thank you”.

In celebration of the Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we bring to you our special guest speaker, business psychologist, a dynamic, leadership coach, consultant and trusted confidant, Maura Dolan.

During this 45-minute recording, you will be introduced to:
1. What is Mental Fitness?
2. How do you build Mental Fitness?
3. What is the science behind Mental Fitness?

Watch the recording here:

Maura has over 16 years’ experience working as a trainer of executive coaches and as a leadership development coach at C-suite to high potential level. Maura works with a range of clients in both America, mainland Europe, Ireland and the UK. She has coached and trained executives from a myriad of  industry sectors and organisation structures and sizes ranging from global multinationals to professional services. In addition to her one-to-one coaching and executive coach training background Maura also facilitates, designs and delivers training in the area of communications, emotional intelligence and change management. Maura has been described as a subject matter expert in training executive coaches and delivers both in-house and open accredited coach training programmes to an Advanced Diploma level. With over 7,000 documented hours in coaching, training, facilitating and mentoring experience, she is an Accredited Fellow Coach (AFC) with the IAPC&M (International Association for Professional Coaches and Mentors) 

Maura’s approach is to use an integrated range of techniques that leads to behavioural change.  Working with her clients’ she explores both conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, cognitive biases and assumptions that impact on performance and well-being in both their personal and professional lives. To achieve lasting change she combines a range of models and interventions including positive intelligence (PQ), emotional intelligence and neuropsychology. Through their work with Maura her clients achieve laser focus and decisive action based outcomes.  Feedback from her clients describe how Maura’s style supports them to ‘think strategically and critically reflect on myself.’  ‘She has high levels of emotional intelligence, is an excellent listener with high integrity – important as we talk about many confidential topics’. Other feedback states Maura ‘covered everything from influencing key stakeholders, creating a vision and culture, organisational change, understanding and leveraging my natural leadership style, lead a new Senior Leadership Team and taking a more active role on the Board’. 

Values important to Maura: Building non-judgmental and honest relationships, adding value through motivating, empowering and inspiring others. She believes in bringing both humour, challenge and rigour to her work. 

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