Learning How To Help Others Is Still The Best Way To Help Yourself

If you believe making heartfelt connections is key to growing a sustainable business, you won’t want to miss the 25th anniversary of International Coaching Week (ICW).

In this week-long complimentary content-rich event, you will hear from 20 entrepreneurs who have created their own success, and share with you their wisdom to help you attain the business of your dreams.

Join us for an incredible weeklong, complimentary, online celebration of coaching w/c 8th May 2023.

Your attitude determines your altitude!
20 entrepreneurs share their wisdom with you to help you attain the success you desire and the business of your dreams.
International Coaching Week (ICW) – w/c 8th May 2023
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Since its inception 25 years ago, International Coaching Week (ICW) has helped and inspired thousands of coaches, just like you, to deliver outstanding service to your clients. This complimentary week-long event enables you to further develop your personal and professional goals.

May 2023 is no exception!

With the theme of ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’, we will explore together what you need to do to create the business of your dreams.

We have chosen 20 entrepreneurs who have successfully created a thriving practice and enjoy day-to-day success in helping others. They will be sharing their philosophy, advice, insights, and experiences of what they did to achieve their success. This will include a detailed explanation and exploration of:

  • What they did do in the early years to build their business?
  • How they created their brand and reputation?
  • Which strategies serviced them best and why?
  • What was their philosophy regarding being of service?
  • And more!

Being part of the audience gives you the opportunity to ask the questions that matter most to you and to learn from the best.

Join us for these live 45-minute masterclasses, all of which are followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

I am sure you will not only enjoy all of the complimentary masterclasses but will also greatly benefit from this experience.

Here is the schedule:

Get to know the speakers here.