“There was a moment in sports when employing a coach was unimaginable—and then came a time when not doing so was unimaginable. We care about results in sports, and if we care half as much about results in schools and in hospitals we may reach the same conclusion.” Personal Best – New Yorker Magazine

There is massive growth in teen coaching as awareness of the benefits to teens, parents and teachers alike increases, especially around the areas of resilience, stress and mindfulness.

Since we have so many wonderful coaches and mentors working in this area, we’re having a round table discussion for regulars to pool ideas, best practice and share info. let me know if you want an invite to our first meeting on Mon. 23rd Sept. 2019 at 7 pm. 

For your interest the Guardian has some interesting material:

the guardian article: why more teenagers are relying on life coaches

(Click photo to read entire article)

The Guardian article: Young, British and Depressed

(Click photo to read entire article)

Which is exactly the type of media press coverage we’ll be sharing and discussing.

Additionally, we’ll be exploring:

  • White papers and informative websites so you can stay up to date with legislation
  • ROI
  • Industry awards and networking events
  • Mental Health 1st Aid and other training available
  • Health Education Partnerships
  • The Workplace Charter scheme and other useful initiatives

All of the above and so much more will help us not only build data and knowledge about applications for sound practice, it will also help us gauge and measure outcomes to name but a few topics.

We have the support of some wonderfully talented and passionate experts joining us such as Rachela Leonello, Stella Wilson and Yvonne Monro-Jones, so this is your field of expertise too, I hope you’ll join us.

Dawn Campbell