So many wonderful books, so little time!  We probably all agree that on-going CPD is important as a professional practitioner.  However, we rarely make the time investment needed to work our way through our book wish list!

So, thanks to the IAPC&M book club volunteer reviewers, you no longer need to.  They’ve come up with a neat solution to the problem of not having enough hours in the day to benefit from the gems contained in our ‘must read’ list. Instead, you can review their book reviews, which is yet another value-added benefit to help you speed read more books in record time while learning at your own pace.

We are passionate book worms, and will be offering you a wide range of reviews from the classics to specific topics such as health and well-being, to the all-important success stories in business handbooks.  All of which will help you develop your skills, capabilities and knowledge as a practitioner (in line with your CPD log, and if you don’t have one, ask us for one), as well as building your business acumen so you too can have a thriving business.

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