Time is valuable, and investing time in your personal growth, mastering challenges at work, and improving yourself as a leader and professional is not easy.

That’s where laser coaching comes in. It’s designed for busy professionals, offering a focused approach that saves you time, unlike traditional coaching methods that can be more time-consuming.

Laser coaching sessions are designed to provide maximum impact in minimum time.

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What exactly is Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is a form of coaching that is deeply personalized, focusing on one specific challenge that the client wants to address.

Each laser coaching session lasts a minimum of 15 minutes up to 30 minutes the max. It is a short and quick form of coaching, asking powerful questions and as a laser point for a specific issue.

It is a precision-based approach. Imagine a laser that cuts through the clutter and gets straight to the heart of the matter.

Leaders and C-suite executives prefer this route as their time is limited, and it provides quick, actionable results that they can immediately apply.

An important factor is that the client needs to know exactly what they want to resolve and what the goal of the session is.

Key elements of Laser Coaching:

  1. Focused session: each session is laser-focused on one specific goal or challenge. The coach and the client work together to identify the leading root cause and create an action plan.
  2. Action-oriented: Each laser coaching session aims to leave the client with precise and actionable steps, allowing them to move forward and make tangible progress.
  3. Short duration: Laser Coaching sessions are brief, making fitting into the professional’s busy schedule easier.
  4. High frequency: As sessions are brief, multiple laser coaching sessions are planned throughout the week.

Who is Laser Coaching for?

Leaders, executives, and managers must juggle many responsibilities and look for external guidance and support. With less energy and being focused, Laser Coaching is top-notch for them.

And for Students, yes, as they have time limitations as well. Amongst all the exams, theses, and assignments, they need to know how to manage their time, their strengths, their passion, and how to reach their professional goals.

And entrepreneurs who face many challenges and need quick advice and guidance.

My laser coaching offering:

I feel for busy professionals, and I have been myself in the past. I know that you need a trusted companion who is external, who can provide you insights and uncover your blind spots, though there is not enough time.

Therefore, I created a six-month fitness subscription. If they have completed previous homework and acted, my clients can book a 15-minute session each day.

With that approach, we create a long-standing trust relationship and bond. It also allows me to understand the dynamics of the organization and how we can navigate the challenges, find appropriate solutions, and achieve results while transforming my clients’ mindsets and behaviours.

Check out my program here and if in doubt, reach out.

Laser Coaching