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Business Building

Articles and webinars to help you build a successful business.

11 articles


Checklists that you can use for yourself, your business and/or your clients.

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Contracts & Agreements

A range of contracts and agreements that you can review and adapt.

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Useful CPD resources, including CPD logs, links to webinars and suggested reading.

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Articles covering all aspects of evaluation, useful for personal and course use.

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Executive Coaching

Articles and submissions aimed at executive and corporate coaching.

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A range of exercises that you can use for yourself, your business and/or your clients.

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Leadership Coaching

Articles and submissions aimed at leadership and corporate coaching.

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Life Coachiing

Articles and submissions aimed at life and/or personal coaching.

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Information to help you grow your business.

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Miscellaneous Articles

A range of articles covering the coaching and mentoring world.

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There are a multitude of coaching/mentoring models. Find details here.

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Find details of the IAPC&M’s podcast as well as recommended others.

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IAPC&M presentations and other similar resources that you may find useful.

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Reflection / Reflective Practice

Articles and submissions that increase your understanding and awareness of the benefits of reflective practice.

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Industry reports to keep you up to date and a useful sales resource.

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Return on Investment (ROI) is often discussed or enquired about. Learn more here.

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Supervision is becoming more prevalent in coaching and mentoring. These articles cover rationale as well as models.

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Support & Wellbeing

Articles and webinars to support you and your own wellbeing.

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Team Coaching

Articles and submissions aimed at team coaching & development.

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Training Providers

Marketing materials etc to help you promote your courses.

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Links to IAPC&M webinars and others that may be useful.

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White Papers

White papers and other thought leadership issues.

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