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I am happy to announce that the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) is a partner of Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence in conducting of Second International Conference for Emotional Intelligence in Sofia on the topic Emotional Intelligence – Smart strategy for Health.

IAPC&M supports the initiatives and aspirations of the Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence in supporting and encouraging the development of theory, scientific research, and on a larger scale the application of emotional intelligence in all social areas and professional practice.

The focus of this conference is health.  Therefore, the topics are diverse and intriguing as are the various speakers from Bulgaria and abroad who will present their innovative work in contribution to the significant connection between the Emotional Intelligence, Epigenetics and Genetics.

Thematic focus will be placed on the dynamic relationship between the levels of Emotional Intelligence and nutrition, while explaining their different effects. It will also provide clarity on the causes of the frequent manifestation of endocrine diseases and infertility caused by emotional problems and consequential disturbed emotional status.

Well-known specialists in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures will speak about the risks to natural beauty, as an effect of the reduced Emotional Intelligence and the strong influence of the ‘Silicone Beauty Syndrome’.

Being dedicated to health, the conference will also focus on ‘painful emotions’ that are influenced by the media and the toxicity of the professional relationships at work.

Additionally, specialists in the field of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Burnout will speak about the causes and effects of the emotional regulation in different conditions and contexts.

We believe that your most valuable gain from this conference will be the variety of strategies for Wellbeing and Emotional Health!

You can find more information on topics and speakers on and register your interest for attendance on

Members of IAPC&M benefit from a special price when purchasing a conference ticket, request your promotional code here IAPC & M Bulgaria – Coach Accreditation Services or to contact me directly.

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