Dawn has fun interviewing self-confessed serial entrepreneur John.  She learns why his 1-2-1 coaching practice has had to take a backseat, and how he revels in his responsibilities to his growing number of coach training students at Evolve College for Hypnotherapy and Coach training, based in prestigious Harley Street.   

Hear about his unique journey from jack of all trades to coach and trainer and how he went on to achieve his dream of becoming a successful hypnotherapy & coach training provider. 

John’s journey has been far from conventional.  However, his infectious energy, steely determination, and his steadfast self-believe meant he always knew he’d land on his feet.  And boy has he made it happen!  Not just for himself, but thankfully, for the benefit of his coach training students too. 

Consequently, his students benefit from all John’s training and experience as he’s created a unique range of CPD and coach based training programmes.  Added to which, his personality ensures a dynamic and engaging delivery is enjoyed by his students. 

He works hard to ensure that each and every one of his student’s individual needs and expectations are met.  How does he do that, well for one he works a 19 hour day to develop not only his business, but those of his students  too.  Secondly, he’s always there for them at the end of the phone 24/7 because his definition of success is based on their success.  So, the success of his students is one of the main drivers that motivates him.  That and his philosophy of gratitude about how far he’s come already means he never forgets to count his blessings in the bath every morning while planning his day!  

Find out more about John, how you can join his tribe and benefit from his mega event coming up on the 23rd August 2018 because you’re all invited.