“In today’s fast-changing environment where so many services are available, and so many professions are promising to give us solutions, benefits and happiness, being accredited as a professional coach, mentor or coach-training provider has become a “must” for all of us sharing the responsibility of serving our clients at the highest quality standards.I started my accreditation journey as a practitioner coach because I wanted to offer my clients an additional warranty of quality and professionalism.  Exploring the accreditation paths the IAPC&M presented me for upgrading my professional status means I’m now a senior coach (ASC).  I enjoyed the challenge of putting myself through this process, not only to benchmark my progress as a coach but to also increase my visibility as a professional coach making it easier for clients to find me as a best in class coach with superior skills.

I trust the accreditation path I’ve been following will contribute greatly to differentiating my practice, in terms of client-side appreciation of value, proven capabilities, and commitment to professional standards.  Consequently, I’m also putting one of our three coach training courses through level 4 accreditation which will be launched early in 2019.

Many thanks to the IAPC&M team for the support and motivation provided during the accreditation process”!

Click here to find out more about Iulia Dobre-Trifan, Business Manager, Trainer, IAPC&M accredited senior coach, Romania. 

Details of her forthcoming coach training course will be registered in our directory in the New Year.