The Self Growth Academy (SGA) “is the new go-to platform for coaches/mentors to sell their ebooks and courses to leverage the power of affiliates to increase their sales in no time”.  You don’t even have to have an ebook.  As long as you have a course or coaching programme for sale at where you teach people information related to your course or programme, you can easily turn that into an ebook to sell.SGA founder Dan Vicci has realised after 12 years of working within the coaching industry that the greatest challenge for coaches/mentors to become truly successful is the process of constantly trying to acquire new clients for their programs, courses and services.

Dan’s solution is to create a win-win between practitioners and professional affiliates.  Affiliates solve this challenge as they are online marketing experts and they are committed to promoting your product in exchange for a commission every single time they bring you a sale.

Dan says “We already have a network of over 300 affiliates that are ready to promote your product, so as soon as you join us, your marketing problems are solved”.

What others are saying about SGA:

  1. Since I joined the Self Growth Academy I’m constantly getting new clients for my coaching practice. Thanks!   Lucy Wayne, Relationship Coach
  2. I’m currently making around 8 book sales every single day thanks to having my book up for sale at the Self Growth Academy! Thanks.  Evelyn Gray, Spirituality coach
  3. Anybody can become a coach but getting new clients is not an easy task. That’s why I highly recommend my colleague coaches who are looking for more clients to join the Self Growth Academy, you won’t regret it! James Anderson, Life Coach

Dan Vicci, Founder of SGA gives everyone a 1-2-1 orientation so you too can monetise your course or workshop into an ebook and increase your leverage immediately, contact him on and say you’re from the IAPC&M for an extra special deal.

Good Luck!