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The coaching and mentoring industry is the second fastest-growing industry in the world. A report on the growth of the coaching industry in 2023 on, explores this and has some interesting data. Here are just a couple of mind-blowing statistics:  

  • Annual coaching revenue is up 62% from 2019
  • There are 109,200 coaches worldwide, that’s 54% more than in 2019

With statistics such as these, it’s hardly surprising the coaching industry as a whole is on a mission to maintain its credibility and effectiveness, whilst always striving to deliver the highest standards of coaching and mentoring.

Driving Standards Globally

The IAPC&M has members: accredited coaches/mentors and training providers, all around the globe. 

As an international accreditation body, they are ideally placed to support and drive standards up within the coaching/mentoring industry.  

The IAPC&M have remained mindful that their overriding mission is to protect the end user: potential students seeking coach training, or clients looking for a coach/mentor/trainer at the forefront of their mind. 

Working with leading bodies to drive the industry forward

By working directly with regulatory bodies and ombudsman associations the IAPC&M not only adheres to its own strict standards, it also influences the future of the coaching/mentoring industry. 

In Europe, the IAPC&M is approved by the International Regulator for Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM) to protect the public.

Stateside, the IAPC&M is excited to announce “We are now in The United States Ombudsman Association”

The IAPC&M believe that when quality, rather than profit, is the frontline motivator. Therefore, members can be assured there is no compromise on standards. 

For more information about this positive step forward for the IAPC&M please contact Tony Vernon directly on who says ‘Let’s continue to protect the industry we all love and grow together’.