May 3 to 7, 2021

Theme: SALES - All things sales related!








This event is now closed. 

In the event you were unable to attend any of these unique one-off master classes, you missed the opportunity to engage live, but you can still benefit from the recordings.

Contact us here https://coach-accreditation.services/contact/ saying which ones you’d like access to.

Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of International Coaching Week, an initiative set up by the lovely Jerri Udelson, we’re delighted to announce this year’s weeklong, virtual event, commences on the 3rd May 2021.

Hosted by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring – you’re all invited with our compliments!

The theme this year is sales and all things sales related.  If you have any issues around the selling process, you do not want to miss this series of masterclasses, all of which will help you overcome any resistance to selling.

Every masterclass is being delivered by a successful entrepreneur and expert speaker – you can meet them all and find out more about their specialist topic below:















Winning Connections That Sell

Award-winning master performance coach, international speaker, podcast host and author, Gail Gibson, delivers a unique style of ‘Can Do’ coaching with proven results. The simple, yet incredibly effective coaching techniques she has honed and developed, have led to life-changing transformations in mindset, wellbeing, and personal performance for her numerous clients.

The Ancient Art of Closing

Sales Expert & Closing Expert, Global Keynote Speaker & Author of Open With A Close, Mat Elwell spent his entire working life in sales, from cold-calling & knocking on doors at age 18, to negotiating a multi-seven-figure property deal with a well-known supermarket, back in 2012. In 2017, He also sold his shares & turned his understanding of sales & human psychology to help people get past their fear of selling or being sold to.

Dispelling The Myths Around Sales

Scott Roy is co-founder and CEO of international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership. Scott has over 40 years experience in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, mostly in business building high performing teams. Scott is one of four co-founders of a US national insurance company started in 1990 and has over $2b in assets today.

Creating a Signature Programme That Sells

Cindy Schulson is the Founder of Marketing from Within. She shows coaches how to stand out in this noisy online world and monetize their message by marketing with heart vs. hype.

Cindy brings a decade of marketing experience working for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa, combined with a decade of online marketing to create a paradigm shift in how marketing can be done with integrity and heart.

Winning Relationships Through Sales

Toni Clarkstone is the founder of the Salescircle, she is also an author, speaker and trainer that writes and lectures on relationship sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

She is passionate about helping and developing people with spheres of influence and achieving their true potential by selling value first and looking after their clients.

Creating a Sustainable Coaching Business

Eric Maisel is the author of 50+ books, among them the recent Inside Creativity Coaching, The Power of Daily Practice and Lighting the Way and the forthcoming Redesign Your Mind. His Psychology Today blog “Rethinking Mental Health” has had 3 million views and he also blogs for Thrive Global, Fine Art America, and the Good Men Project. Dr. Maisel founded the profession of creativity coaching, trains creativity coaches, leads workshops nationally and internationally, and maintains a worldwide creativity coaching practice.

Marketing Sales Through Social Media

Jess Clair is the CEO and Founder of Social Media School and Creator of Humanity-Led Business. She had 18 years in Corporate & Financial Services in tech, data and strategy roles.

When she mixed the tech, data and strategy genius with humanity-driven practice in Business, it resulted to Energy practice (the art of moving energy in the body) and Mindset (the art of identifying and disappearing limiting belief).

Learn from her on how to work with cause and impact driven entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into 6 figure business.

Business Success Secrets Masterclass

Mac Attram is the Founder & CEO of MindSpace Coaching, a leading business growth expert, widely-regarded as one of the most sought after Business Coaches and Trainers for Entrepreneurs. He is famous for helping business owners rapidly increase their sales revenues between 20% – 200% in just a few months, as well as implement better processes and build winning business teams so that they can have more time off to enjoy their lives.

Beyond the Sale: What's Next to Keep My Practice Growing?

Jerri Udelson has been called a “coaching pioneer and visionary.”  She is one of the first credentialed Master Coaches, the founder of International Coaching Week, and was named an RISMedia Newsmaker – as a Thought Leader.

Jerri is the author of “Beyond the Sale—for Real Estate Agents: How to Create a Great Business and a Life You Love”.


Dissolving Fear of Selling

Nina Cooke is a Business Mindset Coach, helping entrepreneurs to release their deep inner blocks so they can hit that sweet spot of continually growing their impact, income and downtime.

She hosts Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, and has been featured in Forbes, and on BBC Radio.

Nina has been featured in Forbes and on BBC Radio.

Discovery Calls That Attract New Clients

Ruby McGuire, Business Mastery & Mindset Queen helps service-based solopreneurs create a success mindset and step up as Queens (aka CEO’s) to grow their business.

How to Win with Webinars

Speaker/Trainer and Online Business Growth Expert , Sarah Gray, is mostly known for her Webinar Success Method .

She is an engaging and down to earth speaker who devotes her life to helping coaches and online entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make a bigger impact.

Sarah’s webinar success strategies helped her go from earning $3,000 a month to over $150,000 a month in sales, in just 1 year.

Winning Connections: Harness the Power of Your Network

Award-winning master performance coach, international speaker, podcast host and author, Gail Gibson, delivers a unique style of ‘Can Do’ coaching with proven results. The simple, yet incredibly effective coaching techniques she has honed and developed, have led to life-changing transformations in mindset, wellbeing, and personal performance for her numerous clients.

Lead a Thriving Business - The Feminine Way

Oana Stoianovici is CEO & Founder of TheFeminine.com, an online platform dedicated to empowering women all over the world to trust their voice, follow their heart and embrace their womanhood with no fear and no shame. For the past 15 years, Oana has been a transformational coach, entirely dedicating the past 8 years of her career to working mostly with women of all ages and coming from many different cultures. Oana’s unique method brings together ancient knowledge and modern coaching techniques. She’s a strong believer in the healing power of sacred spirituality and of the Inner Child method, which she largely uses in her facilitation. Up to this day, more than 10,000 women have graduated her classes and workshops.