Introducing our guest speaker on Don’t Let The Ego Win, Holistic Mindset Coach and IAPC&M Accredited Fellow Coach, Eileen McCotter Davies.

This masterclass is open to anyone who wants to have a thriving coaching business that is holistic & professional in nature.

In this 45-minute masterclass, you will learn:

✓ How to help a client feel heard, understood & acknowledged in minutes (superior ego/inferior ego); 
✓ How to listen to a client story; and
✓ How to help a client in a way that they need.


Throughout Eileen’s career, she has always enjoyed connecting with and helping people. As a Personal Trainer for over 20 years, she supported people to achieve their goals. Eileen couldn’t help but notice that so many of her clients struggled to stick to their diet plan and exercise routine, even though they had support. Self sabotage was getting in their way.

Around the same time, Eileen’s closest personal relationships weren’t working. She knew that she couldn’t change other people, but, she could change herself to enhance her relationships with others. So just 5 years into her Personal Training career, she embarked on a journey to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the Chek Institute.

Since then, Eileen has become increasingly fascinated with studying human behaviour. Why is it is so hard to change our habits, thoughts and beliefs? Eileen’s curiosity likes to explore why we often ‘make do’ with what we have in relationships rather than get what we really want. Not only does she work on improving her own relationship with herself but she helps others to do so too.

Now happily married with a fantastic relationship with her husband, Eileen teaches from over 10 years of knowledge and experience of integrated relationship and business performance coaching. Having grown her own business to over a 6 figure salary by working on her own limited beliefs, Eileen coaches people to learn about self worth, action taking, being real, heart-centred, business savvy; and more.

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

Any questions, please contact us HERE.