Congratulations to Betska, who for the second year running has received a prestigious award from CEO Today Magazine

CEO Today Magazine’s made this announcement (2019 and 2020 award)

“The CEO Today judging panel are delighted to reward Betska K-Burr of Coaching and Leadership International Inc a 2020 CEO Today Management Consulting Award. Our panel were particularly impressed with the impressive qualifications and business experience including coaching with clients spanning across 50+ countries in 5 continents showcased by Ms. K-Burr and her company. In the past 12 months Betska K-Burr has proved herself to be a source of outstanding guidance as the Co-President of Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Breaking through adversity and hardship, Ms. K-Burr has demonstrated a fierce resolve to help those around her, with 20 years of hard work and in-depth research into human behaviour to develop The Science of Mind-Kinetics® for Coaching and Leadership—a remarkable achievement and testament to both her compassion and ingenuity.

Ms. K-Burr’s brilliant research is a first in the world in terms of permanent positive change. It is this initiative, ambition, skill and expertise to drive her practice and business forward and for that, we felt that Ms. K-Burr deserved to be recognized as one of the top Management Consultants in the World through our CEO Today Awards.”

Why is this award important for you and the world at large?

As a Leader you may wish to share with other leaders that subconscious coaching and leadership training is now globally recognized and vital for a leader’s growth. And CLI’s Mind-Kinetics provides a means to shift the subconscious for permanent positive change.

You are always invited to email Betska directly with your congratulations as well as with your Coaching and Consulting requirements. Or call Betska at +1-250-924-4545

Betska is delighted to be included with the 100 Winners in the CEO Today Winners Edition.

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CLI wishes to thank CEO Today Magazine for their due diligence in the selection process. Here is the general media release from Georgina Cook, Awards Manager at CEO Today Magazine.

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