International Coaching Week (ICW)

We’ve always believed our accreditation status matters to the buying public.

More recently, we’ve come to appreciate that becoming accredited is so much more important than simply achieving personal accreditation status. 

Judging by the regular feedback we receive, we’re often told that the process is life-changing; it’s affirmative, and it also provides a positive steer for future Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

This is the case even when someone does not achieve their desired accreditation status the first time around, perhaps even more so, since it proves that being in the 1% club, or best in class is a worthwhile achievement, something to be proud of, and not to be taken for granted!

So, click here to apply for accreditation and join a growing community of international practitioners who are properly trained and professionally accredited.

Alternatively, if you’re already accredited, and you’re willing to share what you thought of the accreditation process; what you learned as a result of challenging yourself, and how it could or has impacted on your confidence and standing in the eyes of your clients, we’d love to hear from you. 

I’m sure this will help convince many more coaches to consider becoming accredited, as well as reinforce to the public a fundamental differentiator they’ll receive when working with professionally accredited practitioners (commitment to a code of professional conduct, proper T&Cs, written contract, complaints procedure, adherence to standards & ethics etc.). 

You can either respond by way of a testimonial or write to me.

Thank you.

David Monro-Jones (COO, Head of Accreditation)

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