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If you don’t have enough clients, start writing and we’ll shine a light on who you are, what you do and how you do it.

“Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories. With millions of blogs on the web, finding influential bloggers in a niche industry is a hard problem to address. Our experience leads us to believe that a thoughtful combination of both algorithmic and human editing offers the best means of curation.”

Ranking is based on

  1. Industry blogs (those not favouring a specific brand) are given higher rank than blogs by individual brands (who often tend to promote their own products).
  2. Blog post frequency(freshness)
  3. Social media follower counts and engagements
  4. Domain authority
  5. Age of a blog
  6. Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters.

Feedspot routinely removes inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as new blog submissions are received and re-ranked every few weeks.
Hence, we’re encouraging everyone to send in more of your blogs for us to promote, feature and link back to your directory.  After all, there is no point in complaining you don’t have enough clients if you don’t put the word out into the universe that you’re here to serve, so start writing and we’ll shine a light on who you are, what you do and how you do it.

You can write about anything you wish.

Essentially, we have two audiences and objectives when writing for our blog page:

  1. Educate the public about the importance of only working with properly trained, insured and professionally accredited practitioners (ditto studying with training providers), so it’s about due diligence to protect their well-being, and their hard-earned cash the same way they would when hiring any other professional!   Write in an entertaining way and cite case studies, quotes, statistics proving how and why coaching works
  2. Educate coaches/mentors/training providers that being accredited is one of the best differentiators that the public look for when hiring a practitioner or choosing a coach training provider to study with, so why wouldn’t they want to prove to the hiring public that they care about them by having their skills, qualifications and training verified and their capabilities and experience assessed, thus proving they are at the highest standard our industry has to offer.

Browse our blog posts to get a feel for what’s already been posted, but all ideas are welcome. Please send your guest blog post to Rhea.VA@coach-accreditation.services or upload it directly here where you’ll also find our writing guidelines.
Of course, you could write something along the lines of why it was important for you to challenge yourself by becoming accredited; what did you get out of the experience and finally, how do you think it will help prospective clients identify you from non-accredited practitioners.  Feel free to end with something unique about yourself and or a call to action for readers to respond to. Fresh innovations, upcoming events, awards and recognitions, or anything relevant and exciting for the industry are also welcome.
Whatever you choose to write about, blogging gives you a valuable platform to be seen and heard. It’s also a place where you can react quickly to a particular issue, and it’s where you can be picked up by local, national and international press as perIAPC&M Accredited Coaches Featured in Marie Claire.

Click this link to get a copy of our blogging guidelines.
Important note: If you wish to attach a graphic/logo/image for your blog, please use a correct size (between 1500-2500 pixels – less than 500KB) so they don’t get distorted/pixelated on the post.
You may send in your blogs to me or directly to our VA at rhea.VA@coach-accreditation.services.