International Coaching Week (ICW), is an initiative set up 21 years ago, by the forward-thinking master coach and author Jerri Udelson, it’s her legacy to all of us.  That’s right, no-one owns ICW – it’s yours, it’s mine, it’s everyone’s!  So, let’s all enjoy the celebrations and join in this wonderful industry week-long event because ICW celebrates the best that the coaching industry has to offer.

This year is obviously going to be a virtual event, so is probably more important than ever, as many practitioners are experiencing isolation during the current lockdown. It’s a great opportunity to connect and network while learning, with like-minded people.

The IAPC&M management team are looking forward to meeting you and revealing their dynamic and interactive CPD and business building conference call schedule for your benefit.  There will be a daily call all week, sometimes two, and you’re all welcome to join in (whether you’re an IAPC&M accredited member or not), because everyone matters!

This special week kicks off with Jerri herself, we’ll be discussing how what we do now to survive the current challenge will determine how we do business in the ‘new normal’ whenever that is.

So, please make a note in your diary – 4th – 9th May and we’ll see you on-line then.

To meet Jerri and learn more about the history of ICW see here: