This is how important it is to raise your profile through writing, because when you write, you get noticed, and when you get noticed, you get opportunities to write, be interviewed, and or quoted by local and international magazines such as Marie Claire.

Six of IAPC&M accredited practitioners where included in a two part article featured last month in Marie Claire.  They include David Monro-Jones, IAPC&M COO; Director of Smart Coaching & Training, Isla Baliszewska; Leadership Coach and Neuroscience Practitioner, Dominique Stillman; Epiphany Life Coach, Jenny Butter; Career Change Coach, Caroline Wellingham; and Dawn Ann Campbell, IAPC&M Sales & Marketing Director.

Check out Marie Claire’s 2 part articles here:

  • Part 1

Accessed: October 8, 2019

  • Part 2

Accessed: October 8, 2019


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