Masterclass recording of our special guest speaker and IAPC&M accredited coach, Aylin Webb on I’M A PERFECTIONIST, GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Aylin is a CBT & EDMR Therapist, Psychologist, and NLP Practitioner who has helped thousands of people overcome their anxiety and stress associated with perfectionism, so they can build their confidence and feel more empowered to live happier lives.

This masterclass is a perfect listen for those with or coaching those with, relentlessly high standards, procrastinators, those who worry of being judged or criticised, those who think others can’t do things as good enough as them, undermine successes, dwelling on mistakes and going through even the smallest mistake over and over again.

In this 45-minute masterclass, you will learn:

✓ How perfectionism is affecting your life and your personal goals;
✓ The mastery of your mind, emotions, behaviour and ultimately, your life;
✓ How to transform negative beliefs that are holding you back;
✓ How to break free of the negative ripple effect your perfectionism has on others around you.

Watch the recording here: 

About Aylin:

After 15 successful years as a TV producer in the corporate world, Aylin decided to pursue her passion for psychology. In the past 9 years, Aylin has helped thousands of people overcome the anxiety and distress caused by their perfectionism, so they can build their confidence and feel more empowered to live happier lives.

Aylin is an IAPC&M accredited Coach specialised in Perfectionism, Author, Podcaster, CBT & EMDR Therapist, Psychologist (MSc) and NLP Practitioner. Her work includes 1 to 1, as well as Courses and Seminars. Her Signature Programme “Overcome Perfectionism” is tailor made to the needs of groups as well as individuals. Aylin has recently published a workbook “Transformation Through the Power of Quotes” and her Podcast “I am a Perfectionist, Get Me Out of Here” has got over 15.000 downloads in just 6 months.

Research shows that Perfectionism has been increasing at an alarming rate in the past 25 years. As society is changing, we are spending more on status goods and appearance in order to fulfil the image of “success”, and these are all visible on social media as well. Millennials are under much higher pressure from a very young age to be conditioned to higher grades, better schools leading to better Universities and high-paying jobs so that they can have the perfect lifestyle. As a result, the research predicts that by 2050, 1 in 3 young people in America, Canada and the UK will be having psychological problems related to what they perceive as other people’s expectations of them.

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