Aspiring authors who want to upscale their business AND kick-start 2023 with a book in their sales strategy this online course is for you!

How to Write AND (more importantly) Finish Your Book commences on Thurs. 7th Sept. 2023

How would you like to:
  • Upscale your business – fast
  • Attract new clients with more ease
  • Raise your profile and expertise with credibility
  • Give a quality thank-you gift to existing clients
  • Expand your visibility and reach in a noisy digital space
  • Have a product open online and in-person opportunities for you
  • Have a low price-point product in your sales toolkit that earns income?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, you need to write and finish a book, because having a book does all that and more!

Having a book will help you to:

  • Shine a light on your business
  • Create your signature system that sells
  • Attract paying clients who want to work with experts
  • Provide more tangible touchpoints needed to build trust
  • Gain speaking gigs, face-to-face and online podcasts interviews
  • Raise your credibility and sets you apart as an expert in your field
  • Benefit from free PR when you are quoted by journalists writing in your niche.

Having a book does all that and more!

Having a book will help prospective clients:

  • Who want to help themselves
  • Identify you as a professional when they’ve gone as far as they can alone
  • Builds a trusting relationship with you based on an understanding of what you can do for them
  • Understand what it is you do, how you do it, and who you are so they can determine if you’re a good fit for them.

Having a book does all that and more!

If you’re one of the 97% talking about writing a book, then stop talking and start writing!

To join the 3% and get your book finished, with our support(your sales strategy will thank you for the massive PR boost!), then all you need to commit to is writing one page a day for 90-days to achieve a 90-page first draft book.

That’s right, one page a day and you’ll have your first draft book in your hands in 3 months.

Our book How to Write AND Finish Your Book – 90-pages in 90-days

Is NOT another online programme you won’t finish. Our kick-butt accountability strategy won’t let that happen to you.

Our programme does exactly what it says on the tin – you put in the effort to write a page a day, and we will help you finish a 90-page draft book in 90-days – “Simples”!

Well maybe not simple, but with our proven writing tips, book template, checklists and plans it is certainly simpler than if you were writing alone.

Colleagues, Dawn and Ruby, are friends who are committed to helping you cross the finish line and join them as authors – in the shortest time possible.

So, we challenged ourselves to create a 90-page book in 90-days while having fun, running our households, and growing our businesses. Once we’d proved it was doable, we decided to help aspiring authors achieve it too.

Between us, we have written nearly twenty books. One of the key things that has helped us the most, is having a deadline and accountability, and we can be your secret weapon too.

This is what some of our authors have achieved as a result:

signature programme

Between us, we have written nearly twenty books. One of the key things that has helped us the most, is having a deadline and that all-important accountability, and we can be your secret weapon too.

Who is the programme for?

Aspiring authors yearn to find the time to write a book that benefits their business.

The only prerequisites for the programme are that you’re currently running a business, or intending to do so, and have some writing experience of blog posts, newsletters, or articles.

Why 90 pages in 90 days?

90-days keeps you focused on track, and it’s a short enough time to keep motivation levels high.

We can all say “I’m writing a book”. Finishing is a whole different ball game!

We believe everyone needs to be properly trained; insured (if your country offers it); professionally accredited AND have a book as part of creating your signature client programme – all key differentiators in the eyes of potential clients who are trying to identify best-in-class practitioners.

Our tried and tested writing programme for writers who aspire to become authors will teach you:

  1. The essential components of writing a business book
  2. How to enhance your writing and mindset skills required to become an author
  3. How to produce a first-draft 90-page business book in 90-days (and we’ll share the reasoning behind the success of the 90-page book).

So, if you want to hold the first draft of your book, in your hands, by 14 December and start 2023 with a book you want to bring to market, this course is for you.

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signature programme
This course is an IAPC&M accredited Level 4 Foundation course with 28 CPD credits.
Any questions, please shout out, otherwise, we look forward to you joining the 3% club of authors.
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