Advance notice of a new on-line programme for aspiring authors called How to Write AND Finish Your Book commences on Thurs. 16th Sept. 2021.

The emphasis is on finishing since we know 97% of aspiring authors never cross the finishing line.

We passionately believe solopreneurs need to be properly trained as you are; insured (if your country offers it), and professionally accredited by an independent third party such as the IACP&M.

Additionally, to stand out in an increasingly noisy digital space, we know you need something EXTRA in your sales strategy to help prospective clients view you as an EXPERT in your niche market.   

That something is a book.

Your book translates into a signature programme; it helps fill your webinars and other trainings; a book forms part of your signature speech; it also provides you with endless material for articles and guest blogging opportunities.

Having a published book helps you work with the media who like to quote experts; it raises your profile on social media; it also helps you get booked as a speaker at industry related events.  As well as providing networking opportunities, it helps you build your prospect pipeline by attracting new clients to grow your business and generate even more income.

Having a published book as part of your sales tool kit does all that and more!

Don’t make the same mistake I made in waiting until I was a master coach to write my first book, start writing your book now, while you’re studying to become a coach, and especially while you’re waiting actively and building your business.  You already know what your subject is so why wait?

This new programme for writers who aspire to become authors will teach you:

  1. The essential components of writing a business book
  2. How to enhance your writing and mindset skills required to become an author
  3. How to produce a first-draft 90-page business book in 90-days (and we’ll share the reasoning behind the success of the 90-page book).

So if you want to hold the first draft of your book, in your hands, by 20th December and start 2022 with a book you want to bring to market, this course is for you.

Register your interest now with me to receive more information about our early bird price, which represents a saving of £1,100 off the January 2022 price.

The programme is delivered by two IAPC&M accredited Coaches & Mentors and established authors of about twenty books.

This course will be an IAPC&M accredited Level 4 Foundation course with 28 CPD credits.
Any questions, please shout out, otherwise, we look forward to you joining the 3% club of authors.