As a performance coach, I look at things with a passionate and results-driven approach. My chapter, therefore, is about giving people the mental tools to be able to navigate the challenging journey of the solopreneur with clarity, perspective and confidence.

For many years I performed all over the world as a professional acrobat. Since then I have gone on to build a successful business as a Performance Coach, helping people get results in all areas of their personal life and business. Training and performing as an acrobat were the greatest educator in how to overcome fear and learn the power of process. It also taught me how it essential it is to refine your skills, as well as how to be successful in a hugely competitive industry. My unique experience is part of what guides me as a coach. What I write about comes from a place of knowing based on a relentless, and at times, obsessive pursuit of success.

In my chapter, I will give you an honest and direct approach to what I know works from both personal experiences and from coaching others to overcome massive challenges and be highly successful in their own lives. 

Mindset is a huge topic and for me, it’s one of the most important. You can have all the best knowledge and skills in the world but if you lack the mindset to implement them, then you’re never fully prepared to succeed. So much of what you’ll have to navigate as a Solopreneur will require you to have excellent mental agility and discipline. I want to see to it that you get it right and proceed with the very best tool kit for how to win the mind game and keep taking the action that is essential to your success. 

There are many areas within the subject of mindset I could write about. I’m going to focus on the three key areas that I believe will make the most difference to you and will ensure you are mentally equipped with a mindset that will allow you to take action and get results in your business. These areas will be motivation, dealing with fear, failure and rejection, then standing out from the crowd.

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