Maria Hocking explains the importance of setting yourself apart as a coach.

As a coach, you were not born to fit in; understanding and living by this simple phrase will definitely enhance your success as a coach. In my early days of coaching, I was told that it was important to “seek out my niche”. I spent a year trying to work out what that was, and remember looking at the web-sites of other coaches for inspiration. How could I be more like them? What I didn’t realise at the time, that trying to be more like them was keeping me stuck. I eventually understood that trying to fit in as a coach, is NOT the key to success!
True success came when I embraced my true self, and every challenge that I had experienced throughout my life. My search to find my niche elsewhere had been fruitless, because I was my niche! Following this epiphany moment, I sat and wrote a very long list of all the personal knowledge gained through every adversity I’d experienced. Through this process, I understood that it was impossible to fit in, so I made it my mission to stand out. The world needed me, and I needed to deliver. Thirteen years later, I’m still delivering and changing lives through coaching, speaking and writing.
Last year I published my first book Strip Naked & Re-Dress with Happiness, How to Survive & Thrive Through Personal Challenge (further evidence of my desire to stand out and share my wisdom).
As coaches, I believe that we owe it to the world to be congruent in everything that we say, do and deliver. Recognising that we are all vastly different allows us to step into our difference and our power. Standing in our power, we change lives, and the world.
How is trying to fit in keeping you stuck? What would you rather be doing – let me know and I’ll send the best three responses a signed copy of my new book that will help you find your own path to happiness.

Maria Hocking

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