Here’s a successful one stop shop platform, used by thousands of coaching business, for digitalising and by definition, monetising coaching packages all on-line.

Use Webinars to Build Your Email List:

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Ask yourself – what’s the recipe to getting terrific customer reviews for your courses?

You need to create an experience that exceeds customer expectations in delivering exceptional value. Your participants need to leave your on-line course amazed at all the things they have learned and are ready to apply now. But you also want to leave a lasting impression on them beyond the duration of your course by helping them form meaningful connections with other participants.

So here’s our formula to delivering valuable experiences:

1) Test your idea before developing your course by gathering feedback on live webinars.

2) Use our speed networking tool to let your attendees connect with like-minded people.

3) Track how your participants are progressing through your course using viewer data on your videos and webinars. Then offer additional support to anyone who has not completed any of your modules yet.

4) Host live webinars to answer questions, get feedback, and let people connect in the live chat.

How To Deliver Exceptional 1-on-1 Coaching

Simple. Give them an easy way to connect, receive their coaching sessions, and stay in touch with you.

You can now deliver your coaching sessions right on No need for downloads. No need for awkward email exchanges to agree on a time. No ‘what did I need to do?’ messages 5 minutes before. Here’s how:

Make 1-on-1 video calls without downloads. Your calls are recorded so your clients can review the session afterwards.

Eliminate the pain of scheduling. Let your clients book in with you for their sessions.

Stay in touch and keep track of your clients. Send private messages, send files.

You can even keep notes and store client files.

What A Chaos! Let’s Sort Out Your Payments.

You’ve chased clients to pay their bills, you’ve gotten paid in coins, bank transfers, cheques, cookies – and not always the right amount – what a chaos! Like why can’t people just make their payment, for the right amount, and so it arrives straight in your bank account?

Guess what? They can. Because we have card payments built in (powered by stripe). So now you can accept payments for all of your solutions right where your clients are: on your webinars, in your community, and on your sales pages.

Make your central place to accept payments for all of your solutions. It’s really easy to get started:

  1. Connect your stripe account.
  2. Create solutions in your Monetize section.
  3. Feature your solutions on sales pages, webinars, and in your community area.

Let’s Get Unstuck! Here’s Your Launch Plan

You really want to get this idea off the ground but there are just too many directions, too many things to consider, too many decisions to make. In other words: you’re lost. You have no strategy, no idea where to even begin, and now you’re stuck doing nothing at all. So how can you finally make progress?

Let’s get unstuck! We’ve developed a launch plan for you – a strategy that you can follow to prepare for a soft launch webinar in just 6 weeks. Dedicated support included.

A proven, straightforward strategy to help you test out your idea before you create it. We’ll help you define your target audience and what pain points they are struggling with, establish your authority with landing pages and an email sequence to showcase your expertise, build your following, gather feedback with a soft launch webinar, and generate 1-on-1 consultations or presell your solutions.

1-on-1 coaching included. Work with our online business coaches to progress through the different steps. We’re at hand to show you how to set things up on the platform, to advise you on your monetisation strategy, to give you feedback on your content, presentation, and webinar rehearsal. We’ll also check in with you regularly to make sure that you don’t get stuck.

Check out the example steps below.

Selling Online Can Be So Simple.

So you’ve come up with some awe-inspiring solutions for your new online business. But now what? How exactly do you get started selling them?

We’ve made you a tool that only takes minutes to set up and makes your solutions purchasable straight away: Build a sales page with our new landing page builder!

Build sales pages that are ready to accept payments. Add video for best results. Click below to start selling your solutions today.

The Online Store For Coaches

You want to sell your solutions. We get it. It just works a little different for coaches than it does for Amazon. You need to showcase your expertise first before people will purchase.

We’ve built you a storefront that’s a little different from the rest: a place where you can establish your authority, grow your following, accept bookings for coaching calls, and sell your expertise.