It started a few months back when I noticed that Carole Ann Rice, AFC and founder of Pure Coaching Academy was being featured anywhere and everywhere, and winning awards too!  So, I asked her what was going on?  Her answer was “Hire a PR expert who is passionate about who you are and what you do”.How did I find Sanity Marketing?  By mirroring excellence of course!

I literally phoned Sanity Marketing and PR company and said “We’ll have some of what Carole Ann’s having please”.

So I’m pleased to announce a new edition to our dream team; Jordan Baker, founder of Sanity Marketing.  His team will help us, help you, help your clients – that’s called a win-win-win  in fact they’ve already started, hence we’re already seeing results: we’ve been featured in The Irish Sun, Coffee Break, Bit, About My Generation, and the Daily Mirror to name but a few publications.

Jordan’s style is fun, light and straight to the point in a way that speaks to the end user about whatever is happening and of interest right now.  “If you want to start having some of what we’re having too”  meet Jordan here