Introducing our special guest speaker on How To Get Extraordinary Results with Your Clients with Alternative Mentoring & Coaching Strategies, Master Coach Trainer, Tony Vee.

This masterclass is for any coach who wants to learn more advanced coaching techniques, and who wants to get an even better result for their clients.

Tony will explain simply how you can impact more by:

  1. Learning how to be ‘in the moment’ so that the most impactful and suitable technique comes to you and through you as opposed to from your logical mind;
  2. Learning the ‘Art of Coaching’ – using Metaphors, Stories, Visualisations, Models, Props, Changing Places, Visioning; and
  3. Learning how to intersperse quality V Coaching Questions and visualisations into the various techniques.

Watch the recording here:



Tony was a young entrepreneur when he won a national business competition where Sainsbury’s came 3rd and Richard Branson came 2nd!

He then gave his very successful aquarium business of 30 years to his sons and set out to find his ‘missing happiness’. On his journey, he wrote his first self-help book, ‘It’s All Energy’ and became a Coach to many entrepreneurs.

When he met his wife Nicki Vee, he created a million euro ‘Intimate Relationship Coaching Business’ with online programs, products and events and has since run one of the UK’s fastest growing ‘Coach Training’ businesses, known as Master Coach.

All CPD and business building webinars count towards your CPD log, and if you need a log to capture your key learning, you can DOWNLOAD ONE HERE.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

Any questions, please contact us HERE.