For the past 25 years, that’s right, we’ve been doing this since 1998, the IAPC&M has been expertly providing coaches, mentors, and training providers around the world with a 1st class personal service; a wealth of value-added business-building resources, and outstanding CPD benefits to help coaches and mentors to deliver the best possible service to clients worldwide.

The IAPC&M is the ONLY accreditation body for the coaching & mentoring industry that the British Industry Ombudsman approves.

While you’re busy building your coaching/mentoring business, the IAPC&M continues to provide exciting initiatives for your personal and professional development (CPD). Initiatives such as award-winning entrepreneurial guest speakers and international best-selling authors covering a wide variety of topics, all offering content-rich material, so you too can grow your business and become an all-around better coach and mentor.

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If you’re a world-class Coach, Mentor and/or Training Provider who wants to be recognised as a leader in your field, join the IAPC&M 1% Club for practitioners who believe in the importance of accreditation and want to protect the public from non-accredited providers.

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