‘That is really interesting, excellent understanding of the needs of a coach. Similar to many online booking programs though this one is very coach specific. đŸ™‚ A program like this tells the client that you are on top of your game. Excellent introduction to an excellent coach’.’ – John Fielder

“When Dawn approached me to ask if I would like to participate as a speaker during the International Coaching Week webinar series, my answer, of course, was a resounding ‘Yes!’.

It was a fantastic initiative by the IAPC&M to open the webinars to the entire coaching community, especially at a time when so many of us could be feeling isolated and even lonely during an extended period of lock-downs and social distancing. Hence, the opportunity for us to come together virtually to interact with like-minded professionals, to learn new things and exchange ideas was indeed a wonderful initiative.

My webinar topic was on “How to Gain the CoachVantage in a Noisy Digital World”. I spoke about how to make the best use of technology, using a coaching platform like CoachVantage, that enables coaches to deliver exceptional results for their business and clients. I was also delighted to have Rebecca Kirk (Holistic Life & Career Coach) and Bea Phillips (Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach) on the webinar with me. They shared how they have benefited from using the CoachVantage platform to help them stay productive and manage their coaching businesses seamlessly.

The knock-on effects of this global pandemic have resulted in a disruption to how many businesses, including coaching, are conducting their business and client interactions. ‘Virtual’ has become the new world. Coaching sessions that are conducted prevalently over Zoom, Skype and other communication platforms are the new norm and might remain for some time to come. 

It has become even more relevant in today’s context for coaches to reap the benefits of technology as an enabler of their business. But, given the plethora of apps and software tools out in the market today, how do you make the choice that’s right for your coaching business?

For many coaches, scheduling discovery calls and coaching sessions is the biggest administrative overhead. Choosing a tool that’s built specifically for online scheduling seems the natural thing to do. After all, tools like Acuity or Calendly are designed specifically for appointment scheduling. However, these tools are not purpose-built for a coach’s workflow.

For example – what happens after a session is booked and paid for? Would you use a scheduling tool to manage the downstream coaching journey with your clients? Would you use a scheduling tool to share notes or files with your client or set goals for them and keep them accountable? Chances are, you’d have to transfer that information somewhere else to manage your coaching engagements and client management. You’ll end up with pockets of information across multiple sources that in can be frustrating and unproductive.

CoachVantage is a coaching platform that’s designed to help you manage the end-to-end of your coaching business in a seamless way. From creating your coaching offers online, to collecting payments and invoicing, to sharing notes and files and setting goals for your clients. It enables you to have a professional image and deliver a delightful onboarding client experience. It’s a place where you can go to as a single source of truth for your business.

Your clients have access to a secure client account portal where all of your offers, resources, goals, scheduling, invoices and more can be made available. It allows you to forge a deeper level of client engagement and portray a professional image. The client account portal will display your own branding.

For Rebecca, the ability to integrate her Zoom account to CoachVantage was a huge time saver as her appointment invites include her Zoom meeting link and she interacts with her clients using the account portal. Bea demonstrated how she benefits from creating her coaching programs and online scheduling pages using CoachVantage and then easily embedding these into her website.

CoachVantage is designed to be intuitive and easy to use so no matter if you’re a digital novice or digital native, you can get set up and started quickly, in a modular fashion that’s flexible to your way of working. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself and sign up for a free trial at www.coachvantage.com

In partnership with the IAPC&M, you will benefit from a 12% lifetime discount off your subscription to CoachVantage. Simply use this coupon code on the payment page: IAPCM-12

Thanks again to Dawn and to all who attended the webinar for your questions and comments!

Stay safe, be well and continue doing what you do best: positively transforming the lives of those you coach!



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