If you run your own business, you may be wondering if it’s worth starting a blog. The answer is simple – yes, it is. In fact, it should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Business coach and journalist Julie Brown tells us why and gives handy advice on blogging for success.

Six compelling reasons you should start a blog right now

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Part two: Five top tips for blogging brilliance  

1 Know your audience. This first tip holds true for any type of writing. Who are you aiming at? What do they want to read about? Have a clear picture in your head of your ideal client and, as you write, imagine them sat opposite you. This will help you get the tone of the blog just right.

2 Blogging rules change all the time, but as we go to press Google is more likely to favour longer posts in search results, so around 700 words is ideal.  Choose a great headline by thinking what your potential clients are searching for. ‘How to increase your confidence in three easy steps’ is a good example. Include pictures.

3 The first thing most visitors will do when they find your blog is to look at how up to date it is. If it’s more than a month since your last post they’re unlikely to come back. Blog at least once a week.

4 We’re all good at allowing our work to expand to fill the time we have available. To prevent this, give yourself a limit for how long you’ll spend on writing your blog and stick to it. Use a timer with alarm.

5 Keep a list of frequently asked questions in your industry as providing the answers is a great way to create content.

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