My accreditation with the IAPC&M is all about caring for my clients so that I can provide them with the best opportunity to achieve what they want to achieve through the coaching process.  

 The accredited coach vs. the non-accredited coach… 

Imagine seeing a doctor for a medical issue who wasn’t qualified or registered with the General Medical Council.  Imagine seeking legal advice for a personal issue from a solicitor who didn’t hold a practising certificate.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  No one would knowingly do this.

Let’s now relate this to coaching.  Imagine seeking help from a non-accredited coach to improve an aspect of your life and well-being.  This may not sound as ridiculous as my legal and medical profession example, but why? Why doesn’t it sound as ridiculous?  I can only think that it is because you don’t actually need to be accredited to work as a coach, a fact that still baffles me 10 years on in my work as a career coach. 

I used to be a solicitor and so was used to the concepts and importance of professional registration, training, CPD and accountability.   To go through the accreditation process after completing my coaching training was, therefore, the obvious next step for me.  When working as a solicitor it never crossed my mind to work without the correct training, qualifications and a legal practising certificate, just as it never crossed my mind to be a coach without becoming qualified and accredited.

I could not work as a solicitor without the correct training, qualification and practising certificate.  You can’t work as a doctor without the correct training, qualification and registration.  So why would anyone put their trust in a non-accredited coach to help improve their life and well-being?

How accreditation improves my coaching and helps my clients

On a daily basis, through my coaching business Tessa Armstrong Associates, I am working with individuals to help them pursue fulfilling and satisfying careers.  Many of them are feeling lost or stuck in a rut in their careers and can’t see a way forward. They may be returning to work after a break, pursing a career change, looking for a new job or struggling with their confidence at work.  Whatever challenge my clients bring to me, as their coach I want them to be able to trust me and be reassured by the fact that I am investing time and energy into providing the best coaching service to help them progress with their career, be the best they can be at work or carve out the right career for them.  Accreditation helps me to do this. 

Accreditation helps me to ensure I am working as a competent and skilled coach, providing a high-quality coaching service. It provides me with that extra boost of confidence in my ability and ensures I am doing everything I need to do to coach to a high standard by checking and confirming my competencies and skills.   Ongoing CPD requirements ensure I develop in accordance with my business vision through courses, networking, writing articles and webinars as well as personal support. 

The big achievement!

My latest development is the launch of my first coaching book and my accreditation has helped me to achieve this.  By maintaining my accreditation, I have developed the skills, experience and confidence to take my coaching service to the next level and write a book which helps individuals to pursue satisfying and fulfilling careers.  Furthermore, the IAPC&M have supported me in the marketing of my book.

You can read more about my book here:

‘The Tea Model: Slowing down in a fast-paced world to find the career you love’.

 ….and the winner is…the accredited coach!

The winner of accredited coach vs. the non-accredited coach is most certainly the accredited coach.  The benefits for the coach and client are numerous in helping clients get results more quickly than doing it alone and, through the coaching service I provide, achieve a satisfying and fulfilling career.