Every January we create a return-on-investment statement (ROI) for our members.

This statement of benefits continues to grow year-on-year, with last year realising an ROI of around £15,000 worth of CPD and business-building benefits.

This means if members took advantage of everything we put in front of them via their Weekly Bulletin, they would have saved themselves a whopping amount of money in discounted training, complimentary masterclasses, freely available business resources, and book reviews to name but a few benefits IAPC&M members enjoy.

As the accreditation authority for the coaching & mentoring industry, you may wonder why we remain committed to building this value-added benefits package.

It’s because we are passionate about continuing to plug the gap between great coaches being certified and supporting those who do not necessarily have the business acumen – yet – to realise their dreams of having a thriving coach/mentor practise like our more experienced members.

Consequently, Lisa McMurtry, Head of CPD (continuous professional development) continues to work hard at sourcing inspirational, educational, and occasionally entertaining ways of supporting you to develop your business acumen, without which, it’s difficult to establish a living as a coach/mentor.

Here is a summary of what’s on offer, for as little as less than a euro a day: (Download your copy here)

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