Here is a quick summary of how to stand out in a crowded market and help prospective students identify you more easily.  Promote your:

Complaints procedure

Course and trainer certificates

Personal and course status logos

Online directory profile entries 

Personalised promo advert and or video (as per Weekly Bulletin)

Professional Code of Conduct policy confirming that you adhere to our Standards & Ethics  

Contribute to our Round Table Discussions and or Special Interest Groups demonstrating a passion for your industry 

Generic or personalised student information video

The co-authors you trained who went on to write How to Win Clients & Keep Them

Participate in our audio Podcast series

Digital e-guide: How to choose your coach/mentor training provider

Range of professionally designed public awareness digital adverts and videos: Why Accreditation Matters

Got a course that is not yet accredited? Then raise the profile of your course and attract more students by applying for course accreditation HERE.

Hear what Wendy Buckingham, founder of Life Coaching Professionally an independent information site for aspiring life coaches, and author of the excellent book Be Your Own Goals Coach says when we interviewed her here about the importance of accreditation, especially for training providers.