One way to determine which you have is to quantify how many paying clients you have / how much money you’re making (“turnover is vanity profit is sanity”).

If you don’t have regular paying clients, you probably have an expensive hobby, nothing wrong with that per se, but if developing a thriving business is your goal, then you’re going to be pretty frustrated if things don’t change soon.

Start ‘acting as if’ you’re already a successful solopreneur by becoming more proactive because no-one is going to knock down your door and beg to hire you!  You have to develop entrepreneurial skills to secure more positive results.  The only way you’re going to do that is by getting out there, making heartfelt connections, and networking like an Olympian. 

The IAPC&M recognise that for many practitioners, there is a skills gap between your coach/mentor training and your business acumen.  Therefore, we’ve created a free, self-teach, 12 modular, e-programme for our accredited members to benefit from. 

For easy reference, we’ve also created a PDF download to help you work your way through the modules, ask me for a copy, it’s a great tool to keep you on track with your CPD.

To apply for your professional accreditation status, which is higher than certification level, see here https://coach-accreditation.services/accreditation/

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