Module 3 of 12 with Nikki Wild, Fellow Coach & Head of Education, who is bringing our complimentary 12 module e-programme to life for you.

Note the other dates in your diary now so you don’t miss an opportunity to develop your business acumen. It’s every 3rd Monday of the month, all at 11:00 AM (UK time).

This e-programme was put together because the IAPC&M recognise that for many practitioners, there is a skills gap between your coach/mentor training, and your business acumen.  Therefore, this superb self-teach, 12 modular, e-programme is for your benefit.  It addresses all the issues practitioners raised in a survey from having a lack of confidence; marketing / selling skills; identity / niche to struggling with procrastination and fear of failure.

Nikki’s e-programme covers all of that and more.  So, start ‘acting as if’ you are already a successful solopreneur and proactively develop those all-important solopreneur skills to secure more positive results. 

For easy reference, we’ve created a PDF download to help you work your way though the modules: