At the Soul Awakening Academy, we understand the importance of helping coaches build their business from the get-go. Quite often students take their training but never set up as a professional coach. Why? Because they get put off with media mania, website building, branding, marketing, social media and knowing what content to put out there.

Which is why it is my mission to fill two gaps one, we help you build your brand from the start by becoming a Soul Awakening Academy affiliate coach where you get to choose one of our Business Ascension packages and have a fully functioning website built for you, content written, branding taken care of and social media profile created for you. And on top of this, you get to promote yourself on my dedicated Coaching Directory where people looking to be coached can hire you! Our directory will be launching on December 4th, speak to me if you would like placement on here.

We currently have an amazing student start-up packages on offer on our business ascension page.

If you are already a coach and want to become an affiliate of the Soul Awakening Academy, talk to me about a conversion course which is affordable and achievable and gives you an extensive toolkit and proven model with which to use with your clients for fast, effective, measurable results.

Today I get to share with you my powerful coaching model, S.E.T, which I use to achieve life-changing results with my clients.

I combine coaching & spirituality by using the first four chakras as the keys to our transformation. We look at the story we are telling ourselves about our current situation and how this affects our four pillars in life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which encompass my passion for energy, spirituality and healing.

Becoming aware of our subconscious behaviours and patterns gives us an opportunity to change or transformation. This transformation is called an inner personal commitment.

Your chakra system energetically overlays your endocrine system and provides your body and organs with vital life-force energy enabling it to function at its optimum. But this isn’t always the case.  Your chakras can be imbalanced due to negative thoughts, feelings & beliefs based on past experiences.

Clearing up and balancing the energy in your chakra system will help you revitalise your life on all levels.

By understanding that the imprinting you received from childhood is still alive and active in your chakra system will give you the ability to change your negative patterns and limiting beliefs around money, love, success, self-worth, self-sabotage, addictions etc. And with spiritual coaching you can work towards correcting them.

This is why my coaching is so successful. I combine the ancient wisdom of the chakra system with transformational coaching to get outstanding results for my clients.  If you are interested in changing your career and providing more value to the coaching clients you need to go below the surface and understand your client on a spiritual level.