Relive the incredible insights and valuable discussions on “Heart-Centered Selling Success” with our special guest Jo Cantle. Jo is an Accredited Senior Coach, Transformational Coach, Mentor, and Trainer.

This masterclass is designed for coaches and mentors who want to sell with integrity, empathy and authenticity. It’s perfect for those who want to connect with their clients on a deeper level and build long-lasting relationships.

In this 45-minute masterclass, Jo delved into:

  1. Your 6 secret superpowers for selling;
  2. Your 6 danger zones to avoid; and
  3. 6 Sacred Sales Golden Nuggets.

Watch the full recording of the masterclass here:


Hi, I’m Jo Cantle, Transformational Coach, Mentor & Trainer, just over 5 years ago I was at burnout, I felt stuck and overwhelmed with working tirelessly in my nutrition and fitness business for 16 years, I was lacking any type of passion for it and I felt like I had a light inside of me I wasn’t allowing to shine.

Through my own self-investigation and help from coaches and mentors, I soon discovered that my challenge was the piles of limiting beliefs and money traumas I had lodged inside of me.

This was how I discovered the power of mindset and energy coaching, I had such incredible breakthrough moments which allowed me to start prioritising my own self-care and purpose I felt excited again and this is why I now do what I do.

I love working with heart-led entrepreneurs and helping them become unstuck, so they can tap into their true potential, market themselves more confidently and build a soul-aligned business which they love and gives them the freedom that they desire in their lives.

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