Blogging is a daily vitamin boost for any business or organisation“.  Not everyone has the time, know-how or confidence to write a whole book, but the majority of us can write a blog (many blogs even become books)! 

Essentially, it’s about creating engaging content that is useful to your target market and explains how you and your business will help clients succeed.  So, create posts that educational, encouraging, empowering and entertaining. 

Therefore, the IAPC&M have created brief Blogging Guidelines to help you raise your visibility with potential clients through blogging for the IAPC&M, contact dawn@coach-accreditation.services for a copy. 

Blogging gives you a valuable platform to be seen and heard, it’s also a place where you can react quickly to a particular issue (as we did to this story http://subscriber.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/06/real-story-anne-craig-coach-accused-encouraging-false-memories/, for which we responded here https://coach-accreditation.services/why-accreditation-is-vital/) it’s also a great place to network by reposting and sharing content, thereby creating a unified social media message about the importance of accreditation, which is a fundamental differentiator for the public to protect themselves when hiring a practitioner.