What does fitness have to do with leadership? Our first featured Coach of the Month, Monique Daigneault explains.

If you’re an executive you know the drill….long hours spent putting out fires, no time to think or process information, and making quick decisions (that may or may not backfire on you).  Oh yes, and barely time to eat, over 500 emails per day that need your response, and back to back meetings. Is this YOU?

Eventually this WILL wear you down.  You may not want to admit it, but it IS happening or WILL happen.  Maintaining your physical fitness is critical if you want the stamina to excel in your career and handle your ever-growing daily responsibilities.

Good News! With the proper fitness and nutrition program you will reduce your fatigue, improve your mental agility, make better decisions, and decrease your stress level.

There is another benefit to being fit – your team will be more productive!  Ok, so you might be wondering just how that works.

Here it is in a nut shell – your job as a leader is to enhance your personal and professional life to the point where you are leading by example.  You set the pace for others in your life.  You set the bar!  And to be an influential leader you must set the bar super high.

You can’t do that if you’re tired, sick, irritable, frustrated, and stressed out. So up your game and your team will too. They will either see what you’re doing and start doing it too, or they will catch your new-found enthusiasm and just start putting more effort into their work.  You have nothing to lose by trying this.

You MUST get yourself in peak condition so that you can develop a peak performing team. This isn’t rocket science, but the problem for most people is having the discipline and making the time.  I’ll give you some tips on how to do just that but for many people tips aren’t enough.

They need guidance to stay on track.  That’s where a great coach comes in handy!  With the guidance of a coach you’ll see the results physically, in your work performance, AND in your team’s performance.

For 10 years I competed in amateur bodybuilding, worked full time, and raised my children.  So, I know it CAN be done!  With a coach and a strong enough desire you CAN be disciplined about it.

Below are some very high-level tips to get you started.  You owe this to yourself and to your team.

Block out time at least three times per week to lift weights (30 – 60 minutes)

Block out time at least three times per week for cardio activity (at least 30 minutes)

Set an achievable and measurable goal to give you the desire and discipline

Fuel your body properly with 5 – 6 meals per day (yes, you’ll have to bring food to work)

Drink at least a gallon of water each day

Make sure you’re getting the sleep you need each night.

It’s your responsibility to be fit for leadership!


Monique Daigneault, ASC, Executive Coach


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