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Option Institute

PowerDialogues℠ - The Ultimate System for Personal Change
Accredited Foundation Training Course - Equivalent Level 4

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Suzanne Pruss

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2080 S. Undermountain Rd
Sheffield, MASSACHUSETTS 01257
United States
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Programme / Course Description

Power Dialogues is the signature program and system of questions taught by the Option Institute. Since 1983, this proven system of personal change has helped thousands improve the quality of their life. This process is a roadmap to releasing judgments and redesigning your belief system to create your ideal life.

Learning Power Dialogues suits those who:
-Have a growth mindset and are looking to learn new tools to resolve issues and change yourself in exciting ways.
-Mental health is essential to you, and you would like to increase your skills to be more valuable and supportive to those you work with or are in your care.
-Want to be the best version of yourself as a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, coworker, or boss.

In PowerDialogues you will learn the following:
- The ability to understand and resolve daily issues and significant life events.
- A revolutionary but straightforward way to feel unshakably grounded, comfortable, relaxed, and caring.
- Listening skills that will enable you to hear and understand what might have been previously hard to digest.
- A way to understand yourself much more deeply and make significant personal changes by unearthing and shifting your own beliefs.
- The ability to gently assist others in breaking through their own limits.
- The opportunity to practice doing Dialogues in real-time and get feedback and assistance in a highly engaging, interactive environment.

Learning / Delivery Methods Used
  • Distance learning
  • Online
  • Self-study
  • Blended
Outcome and Qualifications

Personal change is absolutely possible. It happens from understanding how to question beliefs and replace them with self-empowering, liberating beliefs. This will transform every aspect of your life.

Attending our Power Dialogues E-Learning Training Course will give you the ability to be able to use this modality both with yourself and others to create more clarity, empowerment, happiness, and a whole lot more love.

Expected Completion Time

1 week

Countries Covered
  • International
Total Programme / Course Duration (In Hours)

30 hours of live training classes + up to 8 hours of pre-course preparation and reading (optional).

  • English

Cost and Currency

$1500.00 USD

Additional Information

*This is the first training program for those interested in becoming a Certified Option Process Mentor.

Dates for our next Power Dialogues E-Learning Training Course will be held in 2024: yet to be determined.