Accredited Training Academy Feedback

Why Choose IAP&M

My experience with the IAP&M has been world-class. The processes which they take you through will strengthen not only your own skills as a coach but will massively strengthen the quality of your program. If you are serious about getting great results with your clients I would strongly recommend this process for you so that you are in the best position possible to get the most for your clients. In a world today where online reputation is everything this is a must for you.

Champion Academy

My Senior Mentoring Assessment call

After passing a very intense capability call, followed by an in depth feedback, I was allowed to have the Senior Assessment Interview, demonstrating mentor qualities rather than coaching which differs.
David, gave me very detailed information about how the session will be conducted, what I could expect and what would be the next steps. I loved especially the beginning of each session breaking the ice first and warming up, like you would do prior any race. You forget about that you are in a kind of exam.
Very useful and helps to upskill yourself, the extraordinary feedback with samples of questions, comments and what could had been better.
Thanks for such a great assessment. It was truly a pleasure to mentor your David.

Nobal Manhattan Coaching Switzerland

CrISIS Schema Workshop Accreditation

The whole accreditation process has been inspiring. Our CrISIS Schema Workshop is the culmination of years of development in the field of psychological first aid – we weren’t about to have it accredited by just any old organisation., and the IAPC&M didn’t let us down.

We were seeking an accreditation process that challenged us to improve, and that’s just what we got. We already knew that we’d got a nugget of gold, and the IAPC&M helped us to polish it and have it shine even brighter!

A key thing for us was the values based approach that the IAPC&M seem to have in all they do, and that aligned very well for us as a non-profit company with a deep social connection.

In short, a challenging and enlightening accreditation process, which we have benefitted from enormously.


Accreditation Experience Process

When I achieved my Coaching Diploma, I somehow felt that The Accreditation is as important, in order to be professional and give my clients the same quality of trust that they did, when they choose me as their coach.
Chatting with Dawn over the phone to get to know exactly the profound meaning of the Accreditation served as an integral guiding point and encouraged me through my uncertainties. Continuing the process with David, he never ceased to keep answering whatever questions and doubts I had, through e mails and chats, which was very encouraging and made my life easy.
The CPD is a necessary and primary tool that have helped me reach my destination; it is only with awareness and proof to one self and to other professionals that we can grade our level in the field of Coaching or any education system that relates to “living well.”
I would strongly support coaches to proceed by Accreditation, for it is THE WAY toward continuous progress and achievements.
A big thanks to Dawn for helping me feel relaxed while coaching her in the final assessment, and a Big thanks to David, who accompanied me through the whole procedure.

Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd

Accredited Member Feedback

Amazing experience

When I decided to become a Certified Life Coach it was important to me that I find a reputable organisation. It was also very important to me that I become accredited. I was introduced to IAPC&M. After my certification, I became accredited through IAPC&M. During the entire process from the beginning to completion, Dawn and David were so helpful. They ‘held my hand’ during the entire process and answered any question I had.
During the accreditation process I learnt so much. This has made me a better coach. As a member of IAPC&M, the amount of learning tools and support is endless.
I highly recommend IAPC&M.
It was the best decision I have made both personally and professionally.

Life Coach, Holistic Life Coaching with Lisa Marie

Accreditation is an enriching experience.

When I started training to be a life coach, IAPC&M accreditation seemed so far ahead I hardly dared dream I could do it. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to stand along side all those other accredited coaches. After procrastinating (it was easy to blame Covid!), I took my courage in both hands and joined. From that first moment I was made to feel welcome and supported. Dawn and David are both really lovely people, with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to encourage people. I instantly felt I belonged there.

The material that’s available to help you prepare for the accreditation is extensive and really very good. David really has a lovely manner and made the assessment itself as comfortable as it could be. Best of all though, is the extensive feedback you get after the assessment. It truly is worth every penny the accreditation costs. I gained so much insight and clarity. I know where I’m stronger and where I am weaker. David gave me lots of good suggestions to help me improve the quality of my coaching.

I am already a different and better coach and I know I’m in exactly the right place to keep on getting better. The IAPC&M is an exciting place to be. Thank you all for your support.

Coach, Confidence First Coaching

So glad I did it!

After looking at different organisations for accreditation, I am so glad I went with IAPC&M. We are working in a crowded market where sadly, many people can do more damage than good. Having gone through the rigorous processes and being awarded a Fellow membership prove how serious Coaches and Mentors can be elevated from the masses and strive in their industry. If you are serious about our industry and want to punch above the rest, I genuinely recommend IAPC&M for you to make your marks. D & D are beneficial, and make sure you are not left on your own during the process. As we strive for quality delivery from honest coaches and mentors, IAPC&M is definitely the awarding body to consider for your next move. The more profound question I now ask myself…Why did I wait so long?

Eric Couturier

Coach, Eric Couturier Coaching

So grateful to the IAPC&M

I am so excited to be officially accredited with the IAPC&M. They have been wonderful throughout their training videos and the support provided in feeling prepared for the exam and what to expect. It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of such a top-class organisation and I’m excited about my future coaching and progression alongside them.

Coach, Nicole Balmer Coaching

Thorough & Very Supportive Accreditation Process

I have been Coaching & Mentoring clients since I certified as a Professional Coach in 1999. Throughout this time I have developed a huge amount of skills, thousands of clinical hours and also trained with the best people I can find in the World. I do however though find being evaluated does not bring out the best in me. So, I was very happy to be able to send in a live coaching session as well as receive a live call to evaluate my knowledge, experience and skills. I found David and Dawn to be very kind people and I chose to become accredited as we need to protect the public and the coaching industry we are a part of.

Coach, Hippocrates Wellness & Loves Hidden Policy

To accredit or not accredit

For me it is really important to achieve Accreditation status so that clients can really feel they trust me and the work I do. The IAPC&M feedback helped me see my blind spots. I realised that it doesnt matter how good we think we are or could be, what matters is the client’s story, their journey and personal capability.


Fellow Accreditation

I would highly recommend that if you want to add some authority and authenticity to your role as a coach and mentor then you put yourself forward to gain accreditation. Its important that as coaches we promote our roles in society. The world has changed and as coaches we have a lot to offer. Gaining accreditation puts you amongst some of the top coaches in the international community. The accreditation process is not for the feint hearted it is a thorough and robust examination of your coaching and mentoring knowledge and skills. If you want to be seen as a leader and serve your own community than becoming an accredited coach and mentor puts you in a group of like minded professional individuals.
Highly recommended.

Coach, Tri-Coaching Partnership Ltd