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So, please do share your thoughts about how we’re doing. Especially, what you got out of going through the accreditation process; we’re increasingly being told it’s so much more than just an accreditation, it can be truly affirmative and confidence-boosting, as well as being a great steer for future CPD.

Maybe you enjoy these blogs, but want to hear from an expert speaker on a certain subject, then let us know how we can help you develop you and or your business.

Anyway, we’d love to hear what you think about IAPC&M.

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“From the moment I started training as a coach, it was unquestionable that I would get accredited, even if my then-training provider repeatedly told me that I wouldn’t need it for my coaching practice.

Why has accreditation been important to me from day 1? Because it isn’t just a certificate, it is a key pillar for a fully credible, trustworthy, and transparent coaching business.

It ensures that coaches operate on the highest professional and ethical standards, especially because coaching is still an unregulated industry. In addition, it was critical to get accredited, because I work with young people and young migrants who require a high level of safety, integrity, and transparency at all times.

I just got accredited at a Master Level and the accreditation process was very educational and enlightening, but challenging, at the same time.

I specifically chose the IAPC&M, because they specialise in accrediting and working with youth organisations and youth coaches.

The team: David, Dawn, Nikki, … are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Throughout my time with the IAPC&M, they have been very kind, supportive, and genuinely caring.

So, if you’re serious about working as a coach and you value integrity and professionalism, then accreditation is a MUST, not just an option, and IAPC&M is and will be your best choice”.

Stef Ferrucci, AMC, UK