I am so very proud of you at the IAPC&M. Keep up your commitment and stay strong to what is true and noble. I LOVE the new look of my AMC certificate and will proudly put it on my office wall. Totally awesome! I also love the new CPD process. You folks are doing some very detailed and professional work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Betska K-Burr, AMC, Canada

Feedback is like gold dust, so how are we doing? 

We’d welcome your feedback.  So, please do share your thoughts about how we’re doing.  Especially, what you got out of going through the accreditation process; we’re increasingly being told it’s so much more than just an accreditation, it can be truly affirmative and confidence boosting, as well as being a great steer for future CPD.

Maybe you enjoy these blogs, but want to hear from an expert speaker on a certain subject, then let us know how we can help you develop you and or your business.

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Many Thanks